EU BMG 05472 77529 2 : [The Masque Of Alfred]


Nicholas McGegan / Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra
  1. Overture : Allegro Moderato
  2. Overture : Andante
  3. Overture : Tempo di Minuetto
  4. Though to a desert isle confind
  5. The Shepherd’s plain life
  6. Com calm content
  7. Sweet valley say where
  8. Let not those who love complain
  9. If those who live in shepherd’s bow’r
  10. A youth adorn’d with ev’ry art
  11. from the dawn of early morning
  12. As calms succeed when storms are past
  13. Hear, Alfred, Hear
  14. Gracious heav’n
  15. Vengence, O come inspire me!
  16. Though storms awhile the sun obscure
  17. there honour coms, a pilgrim grey
  18. Ah, me! What fears oppress my throbbing heart!
  19. Guardian angels, O descend
  20. Arise, sweet messenger of the morn
  21. March with a side drum
  22. see liberty, virtue and honour appearing
  23. When Britain fiast at heav’n’s command

"Rule Britannia"のみを取り上げたアルバムはよくリリースされますが、仮面劇「アルフレッド」の全曲盤は、あまり録音される機会がないようです。これは、独ハルモニア・ムンディよりリリースされている数少ない現役盤。"Originalversion Von Rule Britannia"という売り文句がジャケットに書かれております(笑)